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Len Lamprecht Story

Nev Black

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and the Ipswich Prostate Cancer Support group


Support Group History

The Ipswich prostate cancer support group was set up by Len and four other men in March 2004 to assist men undergoing prostate treatment and as an awareness process for others generally. Len and his wife Margret have given so much of their time and resources to help our members and their families cope with the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. It is Lens dedication and passion for the support group that has kept the group going for 15 years.

The support group offers connection with others affected by prostate cancer, a safe place to share your thoughts and experiences with others and referrals to relevant help sources. We provide a secure environment to discuss your situation with others who have "Travelled the same Journey". There is information via books, USB memory sticks, cards and brochures. We try to have guest speakers from the medical field and other support people at each meeting. For example, we have two prominent Urologists Dr H.S. Teng and Dr Wesley Hii who support our group and have been patrons since 2004. And above all, in a confidential environment we support, encourage and advise what to expect on your prostate journey.

We certainly have a few laughs and cuppa.

The clear benefits are:

Sharing of experiences  

Decrease your feelings of being alone

Ideas about management of side and after effects  

Your partners and others are welcome, in fact encouraged.

Our members and their families in Ipswich and West Moreton region have valued the access to the personal support, information, advocacy and services that they have received from the group volunteers.

Typically, when a new man or lady comes into our group you can see in their eyes that they are holding their hand out and asking, please, can you give me information and help? You can see they are sometimes shocked by the given prognosis and unknown future.

When they leave, even after the first meeting, they leave with a smile on their face and feeling relaxed. Talking to 10 or 12 people around the table over a cuppa, they realise that even when it is a terminal illness you’re not going to die tomorrow and help and support is available.


The Future

Preparing a succession plan for any organisation is a challenge and our support group is no exception. Lens health has not been good over the past year and he needs to wind back his involvement however difficult that may be for him. I invite you to think about how you can assist the group that assists you.

The matter of the future running of the support group was discussed at recent meetings, it is time to hand-over the baton, but to whom? That is the question. We need a person or better still a few extra people to volunteer as Convenor and co convenor of our group.

We need people to fill some other positions, such as minute’s taker, treasurer, and other duties as required. However, the structure of the group may change and roles changed as needed.

One of Lens wishes is, he hopes to see an Ipswich prostate cancer rehabilitation men’s clinic to look after men with incontinence and erectile dysfunction as there is nothing in Ipswich. Men have to go to Brisbane.

I Dennis, did ask Len about having support group meetings every 2 months because the numbers are dropping off. Len said “it will be every month, if only 1 man turns up to the meeting, that is 1 man that we have helped”  That is how dedicated Len is.’


I sincerely thank the men and women who can and do turn up regularly to meetings, for without them there could be no support group for those who are seeking help. Their coming from wide flung country areas is important for you and all of us. Due to the tyranny of distance and lack of public transport and other commitments, it’s difficult to attend meetings, I really do understand their plight.

Ipswich prostate cancer support group meeting times are:

1st Floor Humanities Building

56 South Street

Ipswich. 4305

3rd Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm.

Contacts: Len Lamprecht   Home phone 07 3281 3656. Email, vllamprecht@gmail.com.

Dennis Ellis   Mobile 0419176262

Email  dennisellis1970@gmail.com




I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Thursday 19 February 2009

That Thursday night just happened the Ipswich PC Support Group meeting night. I rang Len and attended.

The rest is history.

Len was a PCFA Max Gardner Award recipient in 2014

I live near Toowoomba and missed the PC Support Group meeting there by 2 nights




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