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PCRI Annual Prostate Cancer Patient Conference taster: very useful health advice here.


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PCRI Annual Prostate Cancer Patient Conference taster
(Even if you are not interested in the conference, very useful health advice here.)


The Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) is a non-profit organisation aiming to give support to men with prostate cancer and their partners.
Each year in September they run the world’s biggest prostate cancer patient conference in Los Angeles USA.
They gather some of the world’s top prostate cancer doctors from around the world (mostly from the USA).
Men and their partners from countries come from all over the world (mostly from the USA).
Each year about half a dozen men and partners go from Australia to the conference.

The mens health webinar PCRI which was held earlier today will give you a taste of what you might expect from the conference. This webinar worked the same way as the conference - an expert gives a talk, then answers questions from men and their partners. This is what you can expect at the conference, except that:
    •    at the webinar today our questions had to be by SMS or live chat;
    •    at the conference the doctors are right in front of you and answer your direct questions.
The Mens Health Webinar (a few minutes late in starting):

The PCRI Annual Prostate Cancer Patient Conference:



PCFA is sponsoring two of our members to attend ( Convenor Jim Marshall and Executive Committee member Alan Barlee). As in the past, if others wish to go it will be at their own expense. If you are thinking of going, you may wish to contact Jim by replying to this email. In previous years PCRI has allowed our official team a 100% discount on the conference fee (USD$60). No promises, but Jim will try again.


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