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Samples from members used in useful leading edge research


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In short
Nothing here for current members, unless you were treated, or took part in a clinical trial in Brisbane where you agreed that samples collected from you could be used by the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre.
If you did so agree, this is just letting you know your sample may well be one that was used in this ongoing research.

More detail
A number of our members are on research committees at various institutions around Australia. On current research committees I can think of Tony Maxwell, Alan Barlee, Barry Elderfield, Daryl Hyland and yours truly. (Apologies to anyone I missed.)
We don't usually report to members about these committees because research takes years to do, and even longer to get into practice. An exception is when a clinical trial opens that might suit our members.
On Friday, member Daryl Hyland and I went to the Translational Research Institute of the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre where we are both Associate Investigators.
We were there to discuss research by Dr Srilakshmi Srinivasan that is almost ready for submission to a leading journal for publication. Dr Jyotsna Batra her supervisor and Professor Judith Clements who initiated the project (and who is well known in PCFA circles) were also present.
Dr Srinivasan's research, using samples which probably included our members, shows that in the germ line DNA (DNA we inherited from our fathers) some men have variations in their PSA which put them at higher risk. As a test for this is developed and put into use, it will be much more reliable than 'family history' stories that doctors depend on now. It could be given at any stage in life because it is about the genes you were born with.
We also had a rundown on other projects Dr Batra is currently supervising in this area.
I personally know a few men who have contributed samples to the the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre, through clinical trials at the Translational Research Institute or associated bodies like the PA Hospital, UQ, QUT and the Australian Prostate Cancer Bioresource. It gave me a bit of a tingle in the spine to look at the pictures Dr Srinivasan presented to us to think 'I might well know the guy that came from. Maybe our forums even first alerted him to his clinical trial'.

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