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Voluntary Opportunity to Assist Convenor Jim Marshall

Nev Black

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Many of you will know that, since he founded this group nine years ago, Jim Marshall has put in an enormous amount of time and effort on behalf of men with this disease and their partners.

Some of us know that he also has made a substantial personal financial contribution over the years.


The short story is that on Saturday Jim’s seven-year-old computer went bang and cannot be repaired. The sort of YouTube video work Jim does is best done on a powerful computer. Checking on apple.com, I see the price of an updated model of Jim’s current 27” iMac, with plenty of memory, and disk, etc is quite expensive. With the series of (non-prostate) adverse events Jim has gone through recently, I know this is currently beyond his resources.


Having been on new-member or existing-member calls with Jim, I know that grateful people often offer to make a contribution, so I suggested a ‘Go-fund-me’ type of campaign.


But Jim has always been wary of the group having any member charges or requests for donations which may discourage anyone with limited funds from joining in. 


So, I am suggesting that a few of us who are financially comfortable might get together and help with at least a new computer. Jim is more comfortable with this.


Reply to this email if you feel you are in a position to help, email me at Secretary@JimJimJimJim.com, or call me on 0419 673 096.

If anonymity is important, you may wish to contribute directly into Jim’s account:

Name: JE & WA Marshall

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

BSB   064141

A/C: 00400292


Please Note:   Jim has met with a PCFA Official Representative and we are now able to offer Tax Deductable Receipts for contributions towards the new computer.

Please let us know if you would like an official receipt arranged for you.




But, why does PCFA not also cater for Jim’s extra communication and computer needs?

You have to go back in history for this. Just as we joined them PCFA made two decisions for all groups:

  • They would no longer pay for a computer for each group; and
  • They would no longer pay the actual cost of phone and internet, giving a fixed allowance of $20 per month for each, for each group, instead.

Your executive committee asked to be an exception given the nature of our mission, but PCFA leadership at the time felt unable to make an exception to their new rules. So Jim and Wendy have borne those extra costs on our behalf for the years since.


Thank you.


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Would that I were financially stable, but I am in a similar position as Jim; I will be in dire straits should my aging computer suddenly call it quits.  I think you, Nev, have come up with a super idea to help out Jim and get him back online; hopefully his information can be recovered.


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Jim has personally assisted me during my advanced PCa nightmare and I am more than happy to be able to help put a fresh Mac on his desk.


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.....as am I.



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Only too pleased to help with this all-too-important work.

CBA... done!


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Yes, I am happy to make a contribution to Jim's excellent work by way of assistance with the purchase of a new MAC.


Phil Rofe

Darwin, NT

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