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New YouTube series: Advance prostate cancer: One paper. This first video about ADT with RT after RP

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I have started a new series of YouTube videos.

Each video deals with one report by researchers of their results. Hence the name of the series:

Advanced prostate cancer - One Paper

This first paper deals with how much hormone therapy should be given with radiation after an operation to remove the prostate - a prostatectomy.

Whether this question is in your future, or you just want to check what the evidence now suggests you should have done, check out this video. (Don't blame your doctor if you did not receive the best treatment recommended here. This evidence was just published in the past year.)

If you are in other online prostate cancer groups, please publish the link to this video there, because many people will find this useful.


Note: If you subscribed to the YouTube channel, and clicked on the Notify button, you knew about this as soon as it was published. You will be able to subscribe (and click Notify) at this video.

Click on this picture to see the video:





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The problem with RT + ADT after an RP might be that although Psa will often nose dive to very low levels, there is a common occurrence of further growth of whatever Pca cells are at the PG site or met sites.

8 years ago, I read an old summary published by St.Vincent's Hospital in Sydney of probable outcomes of RT with various Gleason scores.

This mentioned a range of possible survival and those who had a Gleason 9 were likely to have a worst probable 

90% failure rate with standard EBRT. In 2009, it was thought starting ADT 6 months before the RT would shrink PG size to make it easier to radiate, more successful, but that seems just a guess. 


Well, guess what, I had an inoperable Gleason9 and sure, the RP could not be attempted so I had ADT 2 years + 70

Gy, and it failed, and hence 4 more years of just ADT, then 30Gy more salvation IMRT to PG and the first 2 mets, then a string of chemicals while continuing ADT, and all this failed so it led me to Lu177 and my Psa is now about 3.9 after the 4th Lu177 infusion.

But although my Pca is under control right now, it will come back, and may be untreatable, so docs may arrange some DNA analysis to find a way forward, and like Lu177, that ain't going to be cheap, and may not work.


But I had men tell me that the RT + temporary ADT worked just fine for them so it would work for me, but they had had very weak cancer maybe Gleason 5, and no mets yet.

I talked at length to the 3 other men getting Lu177 last Friday in Sydney and they all had different stories, some difficult and strange as to how their Pca behaved, but there we were, survivors, with one having survived since 2004, he's now 71, my age, and of course I should have been diagnosed in 2004, not 2009, when I bet a Gleason 5 might have been found so an operation might have been done effectively and I would never have needed to talk about the stuff that happened at this website. 

So early detection is a must with Pca. Try to ignore the wait and see approach, and only sensible option is to be fully examined with MRI and maybe biopsy at Psa 3.0, so you beg the docs when its 2.5, and for a many of 60, this is 2.5 times more than for a man who is never likely to get Pca. Think EARLY ENOUGH, and never think "she'll be right", because so often it just won't be alright, and leave it until chance of a 10 year battle becomes highly likely.

Men should be able to have PG removed well before any Pca is even suspected to be there, especially if their family history shows the men will get it, or the women all get Oa, Brca, etc. 

One man I know had RP, supposedly early enough, then had Pca continue on at surgery site, so he had EBRT 70Gy, 

then it continues, so ADT, and he got only months suppression, then 10 chemos and then PARP inhibitors after DNA analysis and Psa went from 40 to 432 and then he wanted Lu177, but a whole new batch of liver mets showed up and the whole situation went out of control and afaik he has died, 3 years after diagnosis. Nothing worked very well. 

By all means get all you can throw at the Pca if its offered or can be bought. 

For the last 10 years, I have never known how long I have left to live.

Patrick Turner. 

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Thanks for your contribution.

Re your last "10 years" comment: You and me both!



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