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DocRok phone now works: Lutetium phone-in meeting 10am tomorrow Sunday 5 May 2019

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Steve Roecklin's (DocRok) phone is now working in Australia, and he will join in tomorrow's special phone-in meeting on treatment with Lutetium-177 at 10am.

If you would like to chat to Steve separately, his phone number is:

+1 612 388 3588

That is an international call, even though Steve is in Australia.

Nev is having problems with outback rivers, and may not be able to join in.

Jim will moderate the phone-in meeting.


This Sunday 5 May 2019: Special Phone-in-meeting discussion: Lutetium 177


Agenda Sunday 5 May 2019 at 10am Eastern Standard Time

You must dial in - we do NOT dial you.


Will Lutetium 177 benefit you?

Roundtable Subject - Lutetium 177


To Steve from the USA, here for Lutetium 177 infusions in Sydney, Australia, welcome.


If you have been part of a Lutetium 177 treatment regime, it could be of tremendous benefit if you could share your experience with other members who may have the opportunity, in the future, to benefit from Lutetium 177.


Potentially, millions of new dollars are coming for research into Lutetium 177 for Advanced Prostate Cancer in this country.

That will mean more trials.

Several of our members have already participated in trials.

Some are still on Lutetium 177 trials.

A few of our members have paid thousands of dollars of their own money to have Lutetium 177 infusions.

This Sunday we have the opportunity to share experiences with this new form of treatment.

Do you know what questions to ask your doctor?

Please join us if you are able.


Roundtable Subject: Lutetium 177 - new stories, updates, questions

Any man who wishes is welcome to contribute here. 


Landline - Anywhere in Australia - 25 cents

Phone numbers only in email.

Problem? Contact Jim

or          secretary@jimjimjimjim.com


You must dial in - we do NOT dial you.

Landline - Anywhere in Australia - 25 cents

Phone and codes only in email.

Problem? Contact Jim. 


This Community does not give medical advice. No members are authorised to give medical advice. Ask your doctor if you hear anything here that you think may be related to your treatment.



Mobile phone warning

The costs of mobile calls are nothing to do with the Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group or with PCFA. They are between you and your phone provider (Optus, Telstra, Virgin, Vodafone, etc).

If you dial one of the capital city numbers given above from a mobile phone, the cost to you will be the cost on your mobile phone plan. If your plan gives you free, or low cost local calls, and you are in one of these cities, it should be free, or a local call. If your plan gives you free, or local cost national calls that should work too.

Be sure - call your provider, give the number you might be calling, and check the cost for you to call that number.



No noise

House - radio, TV, computer, pets, other phones, conversation Yourself - mute button, or mouthpiece away from mouth
Phone - call waiting off (#43#), Mute button or hang up to leave the room. No mute button? ##4 to mute, ##5 to unmute. Cordless phone - don't carry, put on folded handkerchief to limit reverberation Other calls - Please do NOT use call waiting or another line on the same phone to take another call - members around Australia are left listening to your 'hold' music until you return.

Speaker phone

Please do NOT use a speaker phone, unless you are very good at keeping it Mute, and at lifting and using the hand piece when you wish to join in the conversation.
Mobile phone

You will need enough charge for the length of the call, or take the call with your charger plugged in.
Speak clearly into mouthpiece in ordinary voice.

Say who you are when signing in, and each time you speak.
Listen for the gavel. The Chair may need to interrupt.
It's a meeting of 20 people, not a simple phone conversation. If you are not one of the two people in the particular conversation at the time, keep your mute button down and let others contribute.
Help the secretary by later emailing details for the minutes.

You may hang up and sign in again as many times as necessary. Sometimes we may have to restart the meeting - dial in again. With everyone calling at once you may need to try more than once.



This message has been sent to you because you are a member of the Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group.

Visit JimJimJimJim.com and click on Contact Jim if this is a problem.


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Hello Australian P C Brothers:


I was in Sydney the week of May 6th.  Jim Marshall moderated a phone connection the morning of 5/5/19 with a group of PC men/one woman who came together to assist me in understanding further the Lutetium-177 treatment protocol that I have received, one session, from Theronostics, Au.  I want to thank all of you beyond words for making yourselves available to support my efforts with my PC.  And many thanks to Nev and Jim for organizing this forum.  

Thus so far, I have had one session of the Lutetium protocol.  I imagine I may be returning to Sydney for session # 2 8+ weeks from now if warranted.

Again, many thanks to all of you who participated in the call.

Warm regards:  doc rok, USA.

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