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Theme problem test One: RESOLVED, thanks

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Theme problem test: NO reply needed

In short

You can ignore this post, and any further testing, because the problem is fixed.


Thank you for your ongoing patience and your cooperation.





Theme problem test One: reply needed from members who reported problem

In short

You can ignore this post, and all the following "Theme problem test ..." posts if you did not report the problem about:

[[Template forms/front/topics/topic is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]

If you did report the error, new changes were made on 3 May 2019.

Please test again, and report by replying to this email:

Did you get the problem if you were logged into our forums? yes/no

Did you get the problem if you were not logged into our forums? yes/no

This is likely that other tests will follow with titles of "Theme problem test ..." asking you to test and report again.

You don't need to know, but ...

We moved our forums from the old software to Invision Power in August 2011.

Just as the Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group has its strength in the contributions of its members, so too has our software benefitted by the contributions of member administrators around the world. Some of our most useful features are written and maintained by people in Italy, Spain,Turkey ... all over the world.

Our forums are tiny compared to some run by my fellow administrators -  when I visited diskusjon.no a few minutes ago there were 2182 members currently online looking through their 24,477,620 posts. The Minecraft forum dwarfs that with more than five million members, and more than three billion views.

Currently, our forums are a combination of 20 applications and 15 plugins.

Normally a problem like two of these components not working together well happens immediately after you add a component. Then you know to look at the last one you added.

But, a problem has snuck in, and it has hit at a time when our technical team (😉) was fully occupied by personal matters.

We are well on the way to solving the problem. We are happy that all the 20 applications are not the cause, and we have eliminated all but six of the plugins. We have disconnected these six, and will reconnect them one at a time to see if that one causes the problem. Hence the series of user tests.

Thank you for your patience and your cooperation.


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error now  not occurring on this particular post or the previous post from acpa on Lutetium, suggest sending a totally new post

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TEST ONE :-   Post working fine when not logged in. Post also working fine when logged in.


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Hi Jim,

No remaining issues that I can see, Jim, logged in or otherwise - good job


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