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How many Specialist Prostate Cancer Nurses do we have?

Nev Black

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At this mornings Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group Telephone Meeting

Questions were asked;

How many Specialist Prostate Cancer Nurses do we have?

Where are their locations?


The link below gives you a list of locations for specialist nurses for prostate cancer





The information below is provided by PCFA and includes a letter from the Chairman


7 February 2019

Dear Support Group Leader and members

Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Program

PCFA has been contacted recently by some Support Groups enquiring as to the funding we receive from the Commonwealth Government for nurses, the current number of Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses (PCSN) and the possibility of increased funding in the future.

Currently PCFA has 48 nurses placed in 45 locations around Australia. 28 of these nurses are currently funded by the Commonwealth Government. The balance of 20 nurses are funded by PCFA through community and philanthropic funds.

For many years PCFA has enjoyed good relationships with all sides of politics, particularly through the bi-partisan Parliamentary Friends of Prostate Cancer, formed in 2012. In addition PCFA have a Parliamentary BBQ in Parliament House each year for Members and staff.

The current number of Government funded nurses in actual fact were initially approved, continued and increased by both major parties when in Government. PCFA has also very good relations and works very closely with the Department of Health and all Hospitals.

In September last year PCFA made a submission to both major parties that seeks an increase in the number of Government funded nurses by 42 to a total of 70 over the next 5 years.

Delegations of PCFA’s Board and staff have had meeting with many Members of Parliament and their staff regarding the submission, in September and December last year. Additional meetings are scheduled during this February.

PCFA is most grateful for the current level of funding but there are still many thousands of men and their families that do not have access to the many benefits provided to them by a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse.

I would like to request that you and your Support Group consider writing to your local Member adding your recommendation for an increase in PCSN’s in Australia.

Should you choose to do this I have attached a suggested pro-forma letter that may assist you.

Alternatively, feel free to write your group’s own thoughts instead. I am sure our collaborative efforts will increase the chances of the desired outcome.

Thank you for your individual group’s continued efforts to reduce the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men and their families in your local area and further afield.

Best regards

Steve Callister

National Chairman



The link below is a template for your convenience, to request an increase in funding for Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses Australia.

Please consider writing to your local Federal Representative. You may vary the wording to suit your special circumstances.



debra.garroun@pcfa.org.au or supportnetwork@pcfa.org.au

Debra is the first point of contact for all Network enquiries and manages the Network Helpline. Debra can assist with general queries in the first instance or connect you with the relevant person. Key responsibilities include:

·         Distribution of resources to the Network

·         Out of Pocket Financial Assistance for support groups

·         Maintenance of support group details


Prostate Cancer Support Network Advocacy Letter Template for Support Groups (Fillable).docx

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