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outlander and flagstaff azizona revisited


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Outlander and Flagstaff Arizona Revisited


Last year Jim and I attended PCRI prostate conference in Los Angeles.

At the end we jumped on the overnight train to Flagstaff to check out the Grand Canyon (at our own expense)

Flagstaff has popn about 70000 and sits on southern edge of Colorado Plateau at about 7000 ft altitude

Volcanic area, interesting geology, university town, plenty of coffee shops for students, shops selling rocks, crystals etc

Our guide on the day excursion to the Canyon was an endless source of info on the geography, history, geology and environmental science relating to the area and on top of that the Canyon was magnificent.

The whole thing was very worth while.


Just before Xmas Robyn and I watched a few episodes of Outlander on SBS.

Robyn then splurged on the 3 season box set (17 DVD's) and we have been grinding our way through that since.

Our location on the outskirts of Sydney features abysmally slow download speeds and Netflix etc are impractical.

Outlander does have a time travel element (mid 18th to mid 20th centuries) which is ridiculous but does facilitate wider storyline options.

Apart from that the screenplay is gripping and intricate, the acting is superb, the costumes and sets excellent and the scenery to die for.

Fair bit of passionate romance and some extreme violence so not for the kiddies.

The 18th century portion relates to the failed Jacobite rebellion, before, during and after the Battle of Culloden.

Exceptional entertainment.


The series is based on 8 books written by Diana Gabaldon between 1991 and 2014.

Gabaldon comes from Arizona and has been heavily involved in making the film version.

Arizona has a population of 7 million and a lot of it is desert.

Arizona and the Battle of Culloden seem a stretch too far - but Culloden and Flagstaff maybe a bit closer.

Checked Gabaldon bio

Born and educated in Flagstaff, early career environmental sciences academic Flagstaff and later drifted into writing.

Now lives at Scottsdale near Phoenix but maintains family home in Flagstaff and does a lot of her writing there.


So Jim maybe a bit more to Flagstaff than we realised when we jumped off the train



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Just wait till you go to Scotland and rub your hands down the inside of the "Standing Stones"! You will then find out what is fact or fiction about "Outlander"! Naturally it has to be the correct STONES!

Belated New Year greetings to all followers.



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