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Encore: Ginseng for cancer fatigue topic has been corrected


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  • The original topic wrongly attributed the report on the research to Mark Moyad.
  • The topic offered the wrong HotSheet to download.


Personal note: Jim: Though he may not have been the author of this report, I do know that Mark Moyad is in favour of using Ginseng for prostate cancer fatigue. I know this because he personally handed me some ginseng capsules to try. He recommended the exact brand used in the study (Wisconsin ginseng), with other American ginseng coming in second and Asian ginseng (while still active) at third. 

You can check out the Wisconsin ginseng site by clicking here .


You can see the corrected article, and download the HotSheet that has the article by clicking here:


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Wisconsin Ginseng at 2000mg daily over two months improved energy levels of men experiencing fatigue from chemotherapy.

I would expect this may serve, as well, for those on hormonal blockade experiencing fatigue from low to nil testosterone.


Mayo Clinic study (click on “Health Benefits” when opening):



However, thoroughly read information in the following papers before purchasing since there can be medical interactions for some:

http://tinyurl.com/mmab44r and http://tinyurl.com/mzrntsh


If still considering purchasing, you can do so here:  



If affordable, it appears Wisconsin Ginseng the best option.  Again:



Since the recommended dose is 2000mg daily, and each bottle comes with 60 500mg capsules, you would need two bottles per month (120 capsules 60,000mg divided by 30 = 2000mg daily (4X500mg daily – take two twice a day).  At $17.00 U.S. per container, that would be $34.00 U.S. per month. On the order page it states that if you purchase 4 bottles (two month supply), the cost is $15.00 U.S. per bottle ($30.00 U.S. per month).  At the bottom of the page you can click on “International Orders” to then order, and though I didn’t open to order, I suspect it provides details as to monetary costs as to your country.


So, I will let you be the judge in which you would like to try to boost energy levels and fatigue.

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