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Just replying to this email regarding “were you working when diagnosed”…


 Would just like your opinion or advice on whether you think there is any worthwhile benefit of me talking to someone regarding this study or to all the members of this network.


 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer earlier this year and I have had a radical Prostatectomy and I am now back at work.

 Fortunately, I had trauma insurance which pays out for this condition, which covered all my expenses, time off work and future mortgage payments.

 As I am a financial planner I knew the benefits of having Trauma insurance but I feel there is a lot of blokes out there that don’t know the value of this.

 NOW, I know once you have Prostate problems or cancer you can’t get this type of insurance, so I can’t help the majority of men in this group.




I can help their sons.

 As you know 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer but if their father had prostate cancer, it drops down to 1 in 5 and then if the grandfather had it, it’s about 1 in 3.

 So I am thinking it would be of great benefit to the members of this group to talk to their sons about having Trauma Insurance, just in case.

 Just putting it out there, to see whether I could put together an email to send to the members of the group or talk to the people running this current study.


Thanks for listening

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Hi Wayno, I am also a Financial Planner (CFP). I also had Trauma and received a payout.

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1 hour ago, Wayno said:

great paul.....we are good examples of the benefits of having trauma insurance.....


For sure Wayno. I was an big believer in proper protection before I was diagnosed and now I am HUGE believer. The Trauma definitely came in handy and my large amounts of Income Protection and Life cover give me confidence about the future (financially at least). I think it's a great idea encouraging patients to get their family members covered.

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