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Three short YouTube videos on Epstein grade groups replacing Gleason score


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Gleason score is being phased out.

Epstein grade groups are replacing Gleason score.


Last year I heard Dr Jonathan Epstein explain the coming system at the PCRI conference in Los Angeles. I was a little interested, but I did not think of it as a practical thing for now. 


But in the past few weeks, two of the people I have spoken to about their prostate cancer quoted their Epstein grade groups when I was expecting a Gleason score.


So, I've done three short YouTube videos to explain what's happening, and why.

Click on each picture below to see the video.








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Have just viewed the three new videos on the Epstein grade Groups - a first class job Jim.

We all need to keep up with the latest Epstein gradings to monitor our own treatments. These videos make it very easy to understand.

Highly recommended viewing for all members and dont forget to give these videos a thumbs up


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