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Dr Mark Moyad talking about Xgeva

Nev Black

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Yesterday, on the telephone meeting, some men were asking about Xgeva (Denosumab)

This is an extract of what Dr Mark Moyad said during the telephone meeting in August 2017.


‘For the first time in my career to hear that word androgen annihilation the complete obliteration of any androgen for treatment.

I think it's exciting because I think the future is going to be combination therapies to go after this cancer to seal it off, wall it off, get rid of it.  If you think about the example, let me throw something out there hepatitis C or you look at HIV and how we started to cure these things because we began to think about multiple drugs cocktails used at once going after several pathways and to have not allow this thing to move and just annihilate it. I do like this kind of thinking overall very much so’.


Bone Drugs      28 minutes:40 seconds into the video

‘Next on the line is essentially the bone drugs. What's new and exciting with the bone drugs out there in other words the osteoporosis prevention drugs. I think what continues to excite people is the idea of using a Denosumab called Xgeva as the potential go to drug in the future to reduce skeletal related events. I still think the fact that getting an injection every once in a while versus an IV not only does it seem to be this drug seems to be working better for a lot of men but I think the real excitement will be these drugs sit in the body for so long that I think in the future oncologists are going to space them out even further in some men.

There are women and men around the world that get these injections for osteoporosis right now just one time of year and it is able to maintain their bones capacity.

In the United States many women just get it twice a year. They don't need to get it every three weeks or four weeks and the drugs sit in their bodies so long they their done after one or two injections for an entire year. I hope that model moves towards prostate cancer that would be extremely exciting’.


You can listen to the whole meeting, in August 2017, on the link below.




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