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Latest update on my metastatic Prostate cancer


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Latest update on my metastatic Prostate cancer.

Had to abandon Enzalutamide after 8 weeks because I suffered from a seizure resulting in hospitalisation and a 5-hour memory loss.

This followed 2 -2 min. Memory losses shortly after starting on this drug.

I am now on Abiraterone and my PSA early June is < 0.01.

I feel better than I have for 2 years and am walking exercise and golfing.

My general health is excellent and all other blood indicators are within normal range.

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Latest update.

Visited my Oncologist in Canberra Cancer hospital yesterday. Am putting on weight. Thought I was doing enough walking and golfing to control it. Apparently Prednisolone increases appetite. I thought I had eating quantity and nutrition well under control will have to review.

psa still under .01 that’s 11 months. Onc. made remark that it could continue this way for 3 more months or 3 more years. Not what I wanted to hear!

Remaining blood results well inside normal range. 

Have been on Aberiterone and Prednisolone since April after I had to come off Enzalutamide because of seizure side effect.

No current unfavourable side effects. Improved circulation in fingers which Onc. Could not explain other than some people have dilated blood vessels in ankles which cause problems, maybe I have minor dilation which has improved circulation.

Same medication, next visit March 2019.

Just recapping. PSA 7 in 2005 increased to 59 over 2 years. Ignored until 2015 when test for driving at 75 in 2015. PSA 1350. Still no symptoms. Ignored until Sept 2016 when severe back pains concerned me. CT scan indicated advanced metastatic prostate cancer throughout whole skeleton. PSA 9000. Commenced Zoladex and Cosudex Nov. 2016, psa dropped to <1.by Jan. 2017.

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