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New radioactive Lutetium trial in the USA


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

Radioactive Lutetium is being trialled in a few places around the world as a treatment for end-stage, progressive, metastatic, castrate resistant prostate cancer. 


The current best treatment for end-stage, progressive, metastatic, castrate resistant prostate cancer is a chemotherapy drug Jevtana (Cabazitaxel). Phase I and II trials look to see if a treatment is safe. Phase III trials test it against the best current treatment.


A new trial of Lutetium-177 has started in the USA. The trial is called PROter. Phoenix Molecular Imaging Center is the only listed location on ClinicalTrials.gov so far.


The trial is phase I/II, looking at safety and best dose for later phase III trials.


PSMA is a compound found on the surface of many prostate cells. Prostate cancer cells often have more than 10 times as much PSMA on their surfaces than ordinary prostate cells.


All radioactive Lutetium treatments consist of:

  • a PSMA grabber;
  • a joiner; and
  • radioactive Lutetium.


The PSMA grabber grabs on to PSMA on the cell surface, bringing the radioactive Lutetium close enough to damage the cell.


It seems from the press release that the joiner in the PROter trial is called R2.


PSMA = Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen


Thanks to Alan Barlee for bringing this to our attention

... end Jim

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Thanks Jim, This trial is also happening here in Oz. (See: https://www.anzup.org.au/content.aspx?page=lutetiumprostatecancertrial)

I asked my MO if I could participate and I was put forward, but assessed to be ineligible as I'm responding well to Enzalutamide and my PSA in not over 20 Ug/L. I intend to get the infusions privately in any case. Cheers Paul (from Perth).

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Guest Claude

My husband had 2 infusions of lutetium( Paying patient,) after the 1st one PSA climbed from 85 to 200, after the second one it was on 428,  and bone scans showed an increase in number of spots and existing one are bigger and more active. The big trouble there is no explanation why he is on the 30% for whom the traitement does not work .Obviously it is not for everyone he is now on Xtandy and the PSA is stable went to 410 . pains are on the increase, and he now takes targin and  and endone on a regular basis. he is still standing and fighting but the options are limited



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