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Jim at Redland Bay yesterday with the PM

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In front of a sign reading "Finding a pathway for radiation pharma, Dr Andrew Laming MP, member for Bowman, Peter Duffy, PCFA Queensland Manager, Professor Judith Clements, PCFA National Board member, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, MP, and Jim Marshall, Convenor of the Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group.


New legislation needs to be passed so a new class of radioactive drugs can be supplied on the PBS. Evidence to date supports one drug in this class - Xofigo (Radium-223). The legislation will allow other drugs of this kind to be added when supported by evidence.


Supplying radioactive drugs through the PBS will be highly complex, and there was a long delay before a way forward could be found. That process is proceeding. 


Jim told the Prime Minister that praise rested with Dr Laming, who was able to combine his professional medical knowledge with his knowledge of legislation to propose a way forward to the Health Minister.


Members will be pleased to hear that the Prime Minister was well on top of the issue, and said: "We need to get this through by the end of the year".


PS: Dr Laming happens to be holding a PCFA Advanced Prostate Cancer pack. Members Jim Marshall and Tony Maxwell contributed to this pack a few years ago. Downloadable PDFs of the pack pamphlets are available on our site athttp://www.jimjimjimjim.com/advanced-pack-pdfs.html



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Thanks Jim - I'm sure I speak for all when I say we appreciate your efforts and the time you put into attending these functions.A job well done!

The availability of treatments such as Xofigo and other radio pharmaceuticals such as Lutetium177  to a large degree is going to rely on our ability as a group to encourage politicians to support our efforts to get the problems associated with PBS listing and the accompanying legislation needed for handling radio active treatments sorted out and this wont happen without incessant lobbing by our committee and members.

If we want these treatments we will have to learn to be an a more effective lobby group - and all do our bit to get our politicians to become more aware of our plight.

Lets get to it fellas.


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