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Financial Review today: Jill Margo: Xofigo campaign to be taken to the PM tomorrow


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In this morning's Financial Review, Jill Margo features our convenor, Jim Marshall, and our battle to have Xofigo (Radium-223) available to men who need it.

The article was prompted by an event to be held tomorrow where Jim has been invited by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) as their patient representative in a short opportunity to meet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

In the past four years, Jim and our executive team have worked closely with the PCFA on this campaign. Hundreds of members of our group, and of other PCFA affiliated groups, have contributed.

But final approval for PBS listing depends upon the government changing a part of the Health Act.

Tomorrow, Jim, PCFA, and Bayer hope to be able to encourage the PM to personally take action to make this happen soon.

The story can be found in today's Financial Review.

An online version can be found here:


or here:


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Great article, Jim. We have a good ally in AFR's Jill Margo.

Good luck with the PM. (I wonder if the Minister for Health will be accompanying him - or will at least be similarly briefed).



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Well done Jim. The article in today's Financial Review is great and will hopefully have the desired impact on the PM and his Ministers -it should. When one considers the amount of work you,the group and members generally have put into this submission we deserve to get Xofigo approved and available.

Its time the Government took notice of the plight of Advanced Prostate Cancer sufferers and nudged the PBAC to get this not only approved but approved in a manner that permits it to be used after the super hormones not instead . 

The Fin Review article is up on Facebook - all we need now for it to get some legs - is for members on Facebook  to hit there likes and share buttons.




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Thanks Barry, and to all those who have helped get us this far.

Let's hope tomorrow's meeting with the PM will speed things along.

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