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From Lucas Heights to PeterMac, new prostate therapy is a game-changer


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I believe one of our members made the papers.


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Barry Elderfield was out of options and almost dead.

Prostate cancer had wormed its way into the 76-year-old's bones, sprouting ugly tumours from his skeleton.  He had exhausted all conventional treatments but one.


An experimental treatment, ignored by big pharma companies, was being trialled at Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. It would involve material hot out of a nuclear reactor being shot straight into his veins.





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I read the article in Canberra Times, its a bit sensationalised, ie, wrongly reported by some young jerk, so common now.

No mention of fact you can buy Lu fix now, you don't have to wait over 2 to 4 more years to get it from P'Mac. They didn't mention many details, or pay more attention to what Barry might have said about it all. And they did not mention Ra223 for bone mets, so all in all, another very poor piece of crummy journalism, IMHO. One does not sprout tumours, they just form within organs and bones. Its cancer and not growing potatoes, OK.

I expect respect, but young ppl often have an allergy to giving it.

Patrick Turner.


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