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Nev has to miss the Victorian meeting next Saturday 24 February 2018


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Nev Black, Secretary of our Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group, will be missing the Face-to-a-name meeting in Melbourne next Saturday.

On Wednesday Nev met his cardiologist for the first time.

On Thursday Nev went into hospital and had a pacemaker fitted.

He's home, somewhat sore and sorry, but the cardiologist advises against travel.

More, when Nev's healed from this operation, the cardiologist wants him on the table again to fix a dodgy heart valve Nev was born with, and whatever else. So, the PCRI Conference in Los Angeles in September will be out for Nev as well.

Nev called the first Face-to-a-name meeting back in 2012 (at Greenbank for members from South East Queensland and Northern NSW), and attended the first Victorian Face-to-a-name meeting in Melbourne in 2013.

I'm sure we all wish Nev a speedy recovery.



Convenor Jim Marshall will still be coming to Melbourne next Saturday.

Details of the meeting, and contact details for Barry:


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"There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men like you and me  are forced by circumstance to accept". Adml. Chester Nimitz


Very sorry to hear Nev has a whole new set of challenges to deal with.  We hope and pray that with the support of family, friends and excellent clinicians he will quickly overcome them.  We wish him a speedy recovery.  

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