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Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer with Diet

Nev Black

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These two videos are from the Medivizor website.  

[I offer no personal opinion on the content. Please talk to your medical team if you consider they may have interesting content for you. The video script is able to be seen just by opening the links. Nev]  

 Video 1 is 6 minutes 46 seconds



 Video 2  is 5 minutes 49 seconds




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7 hours ago, Nev Black said:

These two videos are from the Medivizor website.

Thanks Nev. I researched all this diet thing after 2009 when diagnosed. I slowly weaned myself right off alcohol and all meat, but allowed eggs and fish and all green fresh vegetables for 365 days a year, Tomatoes are included but I read not one convincing argument supporting lycopene, and a whole pile of other things, such as linseed oil. One cup of cooked tomatoes a day seems like SFA. Why did not anyone try a whole lot more? And every time anyone has ever told me they did adopt a good diet after 50 years of garbage and then said they changed diet to lower their Psa, their Psa went up. Most of what anyone finds on the internet Is Bullshit, unless proven otherwise. They say I am negative, but all these claimer artistes cannot prove anything they believe in to be true with diet and Psa. I tried cannabis oil and apricot kernels, and it made ZERO difference to my graph of rising Psa. The DNA of cancer cells is not changed by diet. Cancer is going to do what it does and anyone trying to kill it with RT, ADT, chemo don't succeed because it mutates its way around the obstacles. if you starved yourself to lower blood sugar level the Pca would not be affected because it needs a very low amount of sugar intake, and if you lowered food intake low enough to starve cancer, you would die before the cancer did.

Some said nano particles could obstruct blood flow to cancer cells. But its way to hard and plain dangerous to implement when a man has hundreds of met sites.  


Is there anyone here who knows someone who got Pca remission? we want to know how they did it. Only trouble is that even if they can prove they did get remission, whatever they did may not work for us at all. 


I cycled 205km last week, and only 1 man over took me. On some days I saw 50pp out riding around. A woman of 50 and exceptional athlete caught me on hill when I took it easy after the first 55km, so I bought her a coffee for being nice, because we had much to share about cycling.


One stupid doctor told me in 2008, "You're too healthy to have cancer...) ; Psa was 4.5. Bloke was my age, should have known better. A year later Psa went to 6, and I had inoperable Gleason 9. So when doc said I couldn't have Pca, I would have had a Gleason 7 and in 2006 I may have had a Gleason 5. That's horrible irony, no?  

Cancer is still winning, and I am conforming to best possible diet habits, without exceptions, so I eat less calories than everyone else, and it makes me a trifle anti-social and I don't care one bit if the world just does not share my diet. If they all did, most food industry ppl would be sacked and there'd be a revolution, but demand for vegies would go high and I end up losing because I have to deal with higher food prices and deal with revolutionaries, always dodgy, and they'll live longer and upset medics who can't make much dough.


Human stupidity and weak wills prevent most ppl from making the best food choices, plus silly customs based on religions and because they are so brainwashed by adverts for junk food which all should be banned. look how long it took to stop ppl smoking, and not drink while driving, and wear seat belts. etc. 

People say I look real well, and I feel well too, but I am riddled with Pca and likely to die in 3 years. I feel sick when I see so much do-goodery bullshit on TV and in news papers, then I see what ppl have for lunch at cafes and what they put in shopping trollies and I know that hardly anyone cares much about what goes down the hatch. 

-burp :-) Patrick Turner. 





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