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Prostate Cancer and Glaucoma


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When I had a radical prostatectomy, nobody was too surprised that this left me with urinary incontinence requiring the daily use of medium-grade incontinence pads.

Prior to that (in 1999) I had been diagnosed with glaucoma. To try to save my sight, I had to use daily eye-drops to reduce my eye pressures. Various drugs were tried over the years, but eye specialist seem to have their favourites. By the time of my radical prostatectomy in 2003, I was using Xalatan and Cosopt eye-drops. Eleven years later, it was discovered that the Xalatan was the cause of my daily migraines. When the Xalatan was dropped, the migraines disappeared, and I continued with the Cosopt and various other drugs, including Alphagan.

In recent times, my eyesight has degraded. I am already blind in one eye, and the optic nerves in the remaining eye are described as “end-stage”. I decided my remaining bit of vision was worth fighting for. To that end, I purchased my own tonometer (for measuring eye pressures) and ran a series of tests to establish which type of eye-drops worked best for me.

My test results shocked me. It turned out that, although Alphagan worked quite well, Cosopt seemed to be serving no useful purpose. I then dropped the Cosopt, and increased my use of Alphagan to three times a day (in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations).

After about a week, not only were my eye pressures lower, but I discovered that I was no longer incontinent – after 14 years! Now, many weeks later, I am still free of those pads, and I can state that my incontinence has gone. Now, who would have imagined that glaucoma eye-drops could have such an effect on a sensitive bladder!

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Helo Guihan,

Quite an interesting episode! I don't understand how to relate the drug actions to the amazing results you have got. No doubt you can take them all as a New Year Bonanza!

I admire your perseverance and your own experimentation that defeated the indifferent attitudes of many a so called specialist doctor. 

I too underwent a Radical Prostatectomy in March 2015 followed by IMRT and ADT. My surgeon was an expert who saved me from any possible incontinence from day one! And continent up to now. Back in 2003, may be the standard of similar surgeries might have been different.

I also congratulate you on reaching almost 15 years since your diagnosis and wish you many more years of Good Health!

Happy New year to you and family!




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A timely reminder that we should seek another opinion if we are not satisfied with the outcome of our treatment.

And yes, may 2018 be not just a good year but also a great one!

John 44

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Wow your perseverance has certainly paid off two fold. Let it be a lesson to us all don't accept the narrative that we are given without testing it.


Hope you continue to be on top.

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