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Year in review 2017


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Year in review 2017

Important decisions

Two big things for men with advanced prostate cancer happened during the year - the appointment of more prostate cancer nurses, and the recommendation that Xofigo (Radium-223) go on the PBS. (Awaits Cabinet approval)

Many of our members, and all Executive Management Committee members were active in these matters and everyone should be proud of their contribution. However, we will especially remember the central role played by Executive Management Committee member, the late Paul Hobson, in these two matters.

Phone-in meetings

We have had twelve meetings each year since we started, and we maintained our batting average this year. Thanks to all who contributed. The most usual attendance was around 17 - 20. (An average would be misleading because our Mark Moyad meeting had about 50 of our members and a few hundred non-members from around the world).


We posted 13 YouTube videos this year.

We were given our own YouTube channel youtube.com/c/JimJimJimJim).

Total YouTube video views this year was 31,447.


There were 960 posts this year in 240 new topics.

The highest number of people we had online at the same time during the year was 106 on 9 December 2017, far short of last years record of 575 on 24 October 2016. Because members get an email of each new topic, the majority of these forum views were from non-members.

Everyone who contributed topics or replied to a topic should know, therefore, that beside the direct help you are to our members, many more people around Australia, indeed around the world, gained insight or comfort for your posts.

Face-to-a-name meetings

Members and partners in Victoria met in Melbourne twice during the year. Members and partners in Northern NSW and SE Queensland met three times. Convenor Jim Marshall met members and partners at these latter three meetings, at local prostate cancer support groups, at a speaking event in Canberra, while shooting a video in Melbourne, while passing through Sydney on a speaking tour, and in Los Angeles at a prostate cancer conference.

Speaking engagements

Convenor Jim was guest speaker at Redcliffe and Ipswich Prostate Cancer Support Groups, at two parliamentary luncheons in Canberra, at a meeting of community leaders in Nowra (southern NSW) and at a public meeting in the Men's Shed in Biloela (central Qld). TV, radio and press interviews followed some of these engagements.

Political friends

Many members had help from their local members in  passing on requests for Xofigo. 

Some gave extra support. Long-time prostate cancer supporters Warren Entsch MP and Jason Clare MP (co-chairs of the Parliamentary Friends of Prostate Cancer Awareness) publicly supported our issues, especially prostate cancer nurses. Ann Sudmalis MP and Ken O'Dowd MP organised events in their electorates for us. Dr Andrew Laming MP and John Alexander MP (Chair and Deputy Chair of the Coalition Health Policy Committee) met with us and took special interest in fostering the changes to the rules that were needed to bring about the Xofigo result. Hon Jane Prentice MP not only took representations to the Minister for us - she arranged for "all the Jim's" to have a front seat at question time. (http://www.jimjimjimjim.com/parliamentary-luncheon.html)

We are grateful to all those politicians that helped us.

Jim's thanks

Jim likes travel and talking to an people, but he needs a lot of support in preparation, in travel, and when he gets there (due to infirmities of mind and body). Jim would like to particularly thank member John Dowling, who got him to Melbourne for those Alicia Morgans videos, and Executive Management Committee Secretary Nev Black, who got him to lots of places, including Canberra and Los Angeles, and all those who provided hospitality or support during the many activities we took part in this year. Thanks All!

Holiday message

On behalf of your Executive Management Committee, may I wish all our members get all that they hope for during the holiday season.


Jim Marshall


Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group


PS: Got a couple of hours free - why not listen to the recording of our meeting with Mark Moyad again. Any man with advanced prostate cancer will surely learn something new and useful from this talk.










Or click: Mark Moyad Prostate Cancer Research Report 2017

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Another successful year Jim despite all the problems you had to contend with.

Like me, I am sure all the other members of JImJimJImJim value and appreciate everything you do to assist them and Prostate Cancer sufferers right around the world and now the constant stream of informative videos on Prostate Cancer are simply the cream on top.

Thank you Jim - Thank you for all you do for us. Wishing you and all your family all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. May next year be as successful as this one has been.



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What a huge commitment and a great achievement for the year completed! Many thanks and  profuse appreciation for the unique service rendered by Jim and the Executive Management Committee. Best wishes for a more fruitful new year!


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