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A Lutetium trial will be open to enrolment in late 2017

Nev Black

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One of our members contacted me this afternoon and advised he had started a Lutetium treatment regime, last Thursday, at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. He was concerned there may be lack of awareness of the trial.

The list of participating hospitals is below. If you are aware of a contact for the lutetium trial at any of these hospitals, or other participating hospitals, please let our members know through the Forums.  

The Lutetium trial will be open to enrolment in late 2017.

The trial will initially open at;

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Victoria and

St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.

Subsequently, it is anticipate the opening this trial at Royal Brisbane Hospital in Queensland

The Austin Hospital and Monash Medical Centre in Victoria

Royal North Shore Hospital and Liverpool Hospital in Sydney

Fiona Stanley Hospital and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia

Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia.

It is possible that other sites may also join the trial at a later stage.

The link below has further information about the trial.

The link below also includes a short video of Barry and Lorraine Elderfield talking about Lutetium treatment. Barry is one of our very active members.





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I have heard from a prospective participant that there are two lutetium 177 -PSMA trial sites opening shortly in the US .... in LA and Houston. Both will be held at private medical offices rather than a Center of Excellence. The trial is not fully funded so participants will be required to pay for treatment; I understand the cost to be approximately US$7,000 per session.


Onward & upwards, rd

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Dr Goh of RBH who is currently treating me docetaxel has told me of the most recent communication.

His best guess is that the trial will be underway in early Feb.

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Is this the trial that compares Lutetium-177 treatment to Cabazitaxel treatment?

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