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A greater interest in our own health

Nev Black

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Dr Ross Walker is a cardiologist in Sydney.

Dr Walker commenced stress echocardiography in 1992.

His other area of expertise is in preventative cardiology and he has published 7 best selling books on that subject.

The last three paragraphs, on the link below, piqued my attention as something similar was mentioned in the closing remarks at the PCRI Conference in LA last September. 

I do not believe the remarks would affect our members as, over the years, we have had numerous conversations about benefits of exercise and that heart healthy diet is a prostate healthy diet.




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8 hours ago, Nev Black said:

and that heart healthy diet is a prostate healthy diet.

I could not agree more, but before I was diagnosed with Pca in 2009, back in 2005 a double knee arthroscopy gave me a new lease on life at 58, when I weighed 102Kg, resting HR 65. In 2006, I dusted off the bike I used to race on in early1990s, and by 2009 I was almost as strong as I was in 1990, 83Kg, resting HR 50. I've cycled about 120,000km in last 11years, and I may have avoided a few "co-morbidities" which many men over 60 seem to collect. Pca may well kill me, but between now and then there's only one way to live, avoid all junk and BS, and last month I rode 1,300km, and all my docs are very happy to see me, except one, the oncologist, who was more upset with Pca spreading all over the joint in me than I was.

But maybe I get 2 years on Zytiga, and maybe keep cycling for awhile, and its just not me to sit around moping and worrying. But for many, the way I am is anti social, and I have no answer for that, but as the song goes, "I'll do it my way". I love green vegetables and herbs, and have low protein intake, and weight has settles at 81Kg, same as my fit and ready race weight at 41. I'm writing a website to keep mind sane, but the bike and the risks taken do more for my mind, IMHO.

Patrick Turner.

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