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Tapeworm drug fights Prostate Cancer


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Cancer researchers at the University of Bergen (UiB) whilst screening thousands of existing drugs have found that Medicine used to kill parasites like Tapeworms and Giardia, contains a substance that kills Prostate- and colon cancer. Still a long way to go but its an interesting article. Click here http://www.uib.no/en/med/112309/tapeworm-drug-fights-prostate-cancer

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Men with advanced prostate cancer and detection of androgen receptor splice variant-7 (AR-V7) respond to chemotherapy just as well as men who lack the variant.

Men who have the AR-V7 gene variant and may not respond as well to Enzalutamide.

Niclosamide is a medication used to treat tapeworm infestations.

For Men with the AR-V7 gene variant, Niclosamide taken in conjunction with Enzalutamide, may give those men a better outcome.  

A phase 1 trial is underway to check out this theory.

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Very interested in this post.

Many years ago my small children became infected with Giardia because they used to run in and out of the irrigation sprays during their play. The water pumped through the sprays was unfiltered, straight out of the creek adjoining our house. To get rid of the parasite the whole family was treated with Nitazoxanide in tablet form (and of course my toddlers were there after denied the summer relaxation of playing in the sprinkler system).

Now some 35 years after this event I have metastatic hormone resistant prostate cancer and I was astonished to read that Nitazoxanide seems to have a beneficial effect in blocking the pathway to rapid cell division in metastatic prostate cancer.

My question is:

Since Nitazoxanide is available on prescription from any GP, and has few side effects why don't I conduct my own little Phase 1 trial by doing the following:-

1 Take a PSA test

2 Take a course of Nitazoxanide tablets, probably 500mg/day for 10 days.

3 Take another PSA test.

If the PSA shows a decrease then Nitazoxanide may indeed be beneficial (since I am not currently on other medications to confound this conclusion). 

If the PSA is not reduced, well no harm done!

What do other members think?




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Hi Last Legs,

                                                                 We really can't comment !


As you probably know - every year there are thousands of posts describing clinical trials that show promising cures for blokes like us with advanced metastatic prostate Cancer - a lot of these trials give us hope and lots of food for thought but our metabolisms are all different and what works  for one - does not necessasily work for another. 

However, like me, none of your fellow members on this site are qualified to answer a question of the type you have asked.

Imagine how bad we would feel if we were to agree with you and you were to self medicate and upset your existing treatment ( whatever it is, as you have not mentioned what treatment you are receiving at present) and you finished up doing yourself some harm. Oh!


As mentioned elsewhere on this site for these reasons we all have to steer clear of giving one and other medical advise.


As Nev Black has pointed out in one of the above posts - there is a phase 1 trial being undertaken right now in conjunction with Enzalutamide to see if this is combination is likely to work. Ideally I suggest you wait and see how this trial works out or better still discuss this idea and your treatment  with your medical oncologist.


I Understand where you are coming from mate - but we can't condone self diagnosis or medication.


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