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Defeat Cancer by Hitting-our-nervous-system ?


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 Botox Treatment for enlarged Prostate       Coincidence  –  May be! 

During our phone conference on Friday Nov 24th 2017, I mentioned I had a conversation with a person at Peter McCallum Cancer Centre last week who told me of a number of men with urination problems who have been getting Botox Injections into the Prostate - as an alternative to the conventional treatment of TURPS - where the prostate is surgical reduced in size to treat urinary flow problems caused by an enlarged prostate. (I must add, this is the first I have heard of this treatment which is being done nearby but not at Peter McCallum Cancer Centre)

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me this article from the October 21st edition of the New Scientist.

On page 3 of this article reference is made to injections of Botox into the Prostate.

Click the following link to go to this article.https://tinyurl.com/yd65t8qo

As with all scientific articles of this nature, the information contained within this article relates to small experimental trials only and definitely not to recognised treatments. If you want more information about anything contained within this article I suggest you consult with your urologist.



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On ‎11‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 11:53 AM, Barree said:

Botox Injections into the Prostate

That New Scientist article was a good read, but next time I see my oncologist, I know he won't be waiting with a syringe full of botox and gleem in his eye. but I do hope good comes from the research. I don't know what could be done about advanced mets with botox. And this is the first time I've heard of nerves being a speedy pathway for cancer spread, but I have heard about Pca spread to brain, and that's a major worry because maybe drugs can't easily get to brain. There have been a number ideas of injected stuff to PG arteries just upstream to PG, fine plastic beads were one used to clog & block fine arteries in PG causing local tissue blood starvation and death, then a doctor in Italy tried baking soda solution, that seemed to work, but only while the injection was going on, and ppl cannot stay long with canula poked into an artery in a hard to get to place. He was deregistered by Italian authorities.

I guess some of you have heard of BAT where blokes who have been on ADT over about 4 years with slowly rising Psa get a monthly shot of 400mg of testosterone, about equal to what a body builder uses 2 or 3 times a week. After the inject, Psa zooms up, but then crashes and Psa declines to a level below that before the inject. The inject overloads the testo receptors so many Pca cells die from toxic effect of too much testo. A course of BAT is 3 injects over 3 months, with Psa measured just before testo inject.  Some blokes have done well, Psa going low, and finding surviving Pca cells are re-sensitized to ADT which can keep going for much longer.

There's a trial going on as I type at John Hopkins In Baltimore run by Dr Sam Denmeade and funded by US Army which knows all too well how many old soldiers get Pca. I have not followed the trial results. I feared I may not qualify for BAT if it became approved therapy because I have bone mets which they say get horribly painful for days after Testo inject. Its easy to get a box of testosterone shots online and just shoot up like the body builders, but there's the risk and just how to do it just right is the problem. Diabetics shoot up with insulin without need of a doctor or nurse, easy, but is more difficult if its into a vein. 

Feel free to google BAT prostate treatments, and trial at JH.

Let us hope research finds something that works better than what we have now.  

Patrick Turner.


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