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Why the moustache?


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Why the moustache during November?


The Movember Foundation uses growing moustaches in November to raise funds to stop men dying too young.

These funds have started more than 1,200 projects around the world, many of them on prostate cancer.


See the 24 current Australian projects dealing with prostate cancer:

1. Go to movember.com
from the ABOUT US menu
choose The Work We Fund


choose Prostate Cancer


choose Australia


The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) manages and contributes to a number of these Australian projects.


In my family, participation in Movember by younger family members has been a source of solidarity and strength.

Movember Foundation
Stopping men dying too young

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I already have a mo. I went to movember.com site but it seemed like all ra-ra-ra and didn't explain first up how money could be raised.

It kinda looked like yet another doubtful entity, unless proven otherwise, and I cannot see how anyone would want to pay some dough for the 300km a week I am cycling. Most ppl wince in pain when I say I ride that far.

I try to give my kilometres away, and they refuse. My dear oncologist tries to be a po-faced serious operator who got more upset by my last PsMa scan "this is a horrible scan he said" and yeah sure, and tried to calm him down and said "well from what I've read, its about normal progress in many cases, to be expected and I am lucky to know you doc...".  I then offered to cycle some km for him because I said "you don't look fit as you should" and he smiled,

"BUT," I said, "there are side effects with this therapy; you may find your heart racing and get all hot, but do not fear, its not a heart attack, its not a real bad hot flush, its me, riding up a nice steep hill, just for you, and for free," and then he started to chuckle.

Ah, the bastard wasn't made of ice!


These oncologist fellows have a terrible job presiding over ppl who mostly die from the cancer or the side effects or both, and the oncology career isn't one where most ppl are healed up and go away happy as larks. Often they ain't the cocky surgeon type who prance about with scalpel to perform miracles every day. 


I also tried to train my own magpie to fend off other magpies who attack me at this time of year. All went well after a month's training and he'd sit on my back pocket of my jersey, then swoop out to warn off a testosterone saturated attacker with "Fark Arf, Hees Ah Kaaaa" - its hard to translate Magpi-ese language, and it did the trick OK. But a 2 weeks ago, there was a female maggi sittin inna gum tree with that look in her eyes "I just need ya to fix me up" and that was the last I ever saw of my trained bird.

I jus sucks it up now, and I've sometimes had 8 attacks in a ride of a few hours. 

Patrick Turner. 

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