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YouTube video: A special message about pain for men with prostate cancer in the bones: Dr Alicia Morgans: Fifth of five videos


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A new video every day for five days.


Prostate cancer that moves away from the prostate (metastasises) prefers to settle in bones.
In this fifth, very short, video (in a series of five) Dr Alicia Morgans wishes to give men a special message about pain.


In videos in this series , expert medical oncologist Dr Alicia Morgans deals with:

  • metastases to bone and bone scans;
  • prostate cancer in the spine;
  • treatments for prostate cancer metastases;
  • issues with hormone therapy treatment; and 
  • in a last very short video, Dr Morgans wishes to give men a special message about pain.


Subscribers to our YouTube channel are notified earlier than others.


My special thanks to:

  • Dr Alicia Morgans who kindly donated her time.
  • Member John Dowling, who got me and my gear to Melbourne, and was a very efficient Production Assistant.
  • Member Len Weis, who provided English Closed Captions (Cc) for the hard of hearing.
  • Anthony Lowe, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), who both invited us to interview Dr Morgans, and arranged a PCFA Education Grant to cover our expenses.
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