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Video: Get the most from PCRI annual conference

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The Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) Annual Patient Conference in Los Angeles, USA is the biggest prostate cancer patient conference in the world. The organisation, the speakers - everything about the three day program at the LA Airport Marriott Hotel is fabulous.


In other years I got to talk to a few men and their partners who missed out on key opportunities because they did not understand how a major conference works.


In this video I'm going to tell you how a major conference works and how to get the most out of your experience.


Did you see member Steve's comment on the yesterday's video?



I want to back up Jim on this.  I was originally diagnosed with  metastatic disease (initial diagnosis) in Dec 2012.  At the time although I was in a local support group, there was only one other man in the group with advanced disease, so not a lot of common ground. As I was working full time, I also didn't participate much in the monthly phone ins of this group


 I went to this conference in September 2014.  It's not really exaggerating to say it was something of a life saver.   The quality of the presentations was unsurpassed. I came back with so much to ask my oncologist about.  


But the biggest thing was probably the support aspect.   There were over 100 people in the advanced cancer support group break out meetings.  There were guys there sharing their story of 10-20 year survival with fairly serious advanced disease.   That had a huge impact on me, given I truly thought at the time I only had a few years left to live.


I went again last year, and am going this year.


So if there's any way you can stump up the airfare, I think it's money well spent.  And it's a lovely time of year in California




If you are considering going in September 2017, reply to this email and let Jim know. There may be a deal on conference tickets (even better than the $60 earlybird now on offer).



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