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Abiraterone early but not for Aussies as yet?


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Hi Guys, No doubt many of you are aware of the recently released results of the Latitude study.


I saw my medical oncologist today and when I asked her about we Aussie's having access to Abiraterone, she said that it is not available through the PBS. I'm not sure if she meant under any circumstances, or just early, before castrate resistance.


Does anyone else know if this is the case, or how long it might take to become available here?




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I'm not fully up with this, but I think Abiraterone (Zytega) is available on the PBS, but only under certain conditions, such as - patient must have failed, or not be able to undergo chemo.


I am sure there are others with more knowledge who can provide the specific details.


This is also of interest to me as I have just restarted HT after a 2 year break, but now with a fast rising PSA - doubling time of only 6 weeks.  I see my Oncologist in 4 weeks and will certainly raise this issue.



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