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Encore: Join USA group Answer Cancer for expert talk on Bipolar Androgen Therapy Tuesday 21 February 2017


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On our phone-in meeting last March, Jim joined one of his USA colleagues into our debate - Rick Davis of the Reluctant Brotherhood.


The Reluctant Brotherhood has morphed into Answer Cancer, and Rick is inviting you to tune in to hear his expert guest speaker - Dr Sam Denmeade of Johns Hopkins, Baltimore.


Dr Denmeade will tell us about using cycling high doses of testosterone with the hope of giving a longer response to hormone therapy or chemotherapy (Bipolar Androgen Therapy).


On your computer you can download software to hear the session for free.


On the phone, you can call a Sydney number at YOUR OWN COST.


Australia dates and times: 

TUESDAY FEB 21 - 11am  Brisbane time,  12pm Melbourne time


Click below for details in the original post.

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I thought this may be the perfect answer to my next step since after over five years with Zytiga/abiraterone accompanied by Lupron and Avodart effectiveness, my PSA is finally on a steady rise currently 0.901ng/ml (so did have a great response over that 5+ years) and an addition of 500mg Metformin ER one A.M. one P.M. accompanied by Vitamin B12 that was effective at least for the past year.  Did some checking and here in the U.S. the TRANSFORM trial has been going on for two years but still ongoing and only at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland so not yet approved for prescribing by our FDA.  Guess my switch will be from Zytiga/abiraterone to Xtandi/enzalutamide to see if total blocking of androgen receptors/AR will send my PSA back down. Might also double dose the Metformin ER in A.M. and P.M. from current 500mg to 1000mg to see if that will kick in again.  In any event, the BAT availability to all may be another year or two, at least here in the U.S.

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I just posted the slides Dr. Denmeade plans to use tonight ..... you will find them by clicking on the red link at the bottom of this page. 

If you have any questions you would like presented, please e-mail to info@ancan.org.


Onward & upwards, rd

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