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All the Jims. Parliamentary Luncheon 14 February 2017

Nev Black

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All the Jims (plus an Anthony and a Steve from PCFA)


When morning debate finished in Parliament House Canberra on Valentines Day 2017, as MPs  entered the Senate Annexe for a Parliamentary Luncheon, the first man they met had an large colourful name badge - Jim.

So did the next!

And the next! 

Every man with advanced prostate cancer had a Jim badge!

And under the Jim on each was a multi-colour JimJimJimJim.com.


The stunt was planned by our Convenor, Jim Marshall, who always wears such a badge, to make it easy for MPs to recognise the men with advanced prostate cancer in the crowd. In his speech Jim encouraged MPs to seek out a "Jim" and hear the story from a man who knows from experience.


And they did. Unlike Jim, I am normally the man who sits at the back and hopes not to be noticed. But with the "Jim" badge I was in the hot seat. And it worked. Everyone wanted to talk to the "Jims". A great many photos were taken with Jims. 


One of the MPs who came up to me to talk about the issues was co-chair of the event, MP Jason Clare. Jason said he was quite inspired and that for these budget talks his highest priority was to secure funding for extra prostate cancer nurses.


We were all proud to be "Jims" for a couple of hours.

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How good was this little bit of extravaganza....Well done Jim great stuff..... It reminds me of a stunt a mate and I did in PNG when on the Kokoda Track being introduced to new treckers we did something similar with Bill as the names......But thats another story?????


Lee aka Popeye

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To Jim and our Committee members (Jim facsimiles) who got right behind the Parliamentary inquiry into Enzalutamide and then gave of their time to attend this function - "Thank you".

Your efforts are really appreciated. Lets hope the Pollies pay more than lip service to our combined pleas to make enzalutamide available pre Chemo.

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