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Jim goes to Canberra

Paul Edwards

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We are all used to seeing our politicians viciously attacking each other in Question Time in the Parliament.


What we don’t see is politicians from all the different parties co-operating behind the scenes. 


There are Parliamentary Friendship Groups where politicians work together for causes which  they support.


On Tuesday 14 February the Parliamentary Friends of Prostate Cancer Awareness & the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia  ( PCFA) held a lunch at Parliament House Canberra to inform Members of Parliament about prostate cancer. 


PCFA flew a number of men with advanced prostate cancer to Canberra to attend the lunch. These included Jim Marshall & members of the Committee of our Group . We are grateful to PCFA for their support. 


We were able to chat to various Members of Parliament & give them information about advanced prostate cancer. 


Our Convenor, Jim Marshall, was one of the speakers at the lunch. A highlight of the lunch was when Jim was presented with his Max Gardner Award for his contribution to supporting men with advanced prostate cancer .



As well as providing information & support to men with advanced prostate cancer,  the Group has an advocacy role. We make submissions to the Government & regulators on behalf of  men with advanced prostate cancer.  This lunch was an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with the decision makers in Canberra. 


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I am so pleased to learn that Jim was the recipient of what is likely one of Australia's prestigious awards regarding Prostate Cancer, in this case the Max Gardner Award, to those who dedicate much of their lives to researching and studying our insidious men's disease in the hope that what we learn and compile we then stand ready to be available to others to help ease their burden of worry and concern.  Congratulations, Jim!

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