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Don't be a gunner

Paul Edwards

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 Details at the top of the page on:


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A gunner is a person who talks a lot about what he's  going but doesn't' get around to doing it.


"Gunna" (slang) = "going to"


This is the last week before the public consultation closes next Wednesday 8 February.  


The Government is considering listing  Enzalutamide  (brand name Xtandi) on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme  (PBS) before chemotherapy. 


It's important that Australian men with prostate cancer, their partners,their families and their friends make submissions telling the Government  that they support it making Enzalutamide available on the PBS before chemo.


The more submissions that are  received by the PBAC,the greater the prospect of Enzalutamide being listed on the PBS. 


It's not hard to make a submission.  It doesn't take long. In his previous post Jim explains what to do.


Your feedback is important & can make a difference. 


Please help us with our campaign.  Don’t be a gunner. 

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