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Video: Latest developments in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer


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Treatment of metastatic prostate cancer has changed recently. In the past doctors would use hormone therapy (ADT) at first, then wait until the disease was very progressed before giving chemotherapy with Taxotere (Docetaxel).
The reason for the change? Professor Christopher Sweeney reported on a trial he led (CHAARTED). 
In CHAARTED, the researchers (an international team of medical oncologists) showed that starting BOTH chemotherapy and ADT at the beginning of treatment gave men a longer life.
Members of your Executive Committee were invited to be the audience for an video interview of Christopher Sweeney and his Australian colleague, Professor Gavin Marx, by Anthony Lowe, PCFA CEO.
Tony Maxwell, Alan Barlee and Nev Black and I were able to attend. (Paul Hobson had to miss out because of treatment.)


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