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Advocacy meeting Sydney: Three places available


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As part of our advocacy efforts for men with advanced prostate cancer, your Executive Committee meets with the vendors of major treatments in an effort to get them listed on the PBS.


As part of that process we are meeting with Astellas, supplier of Xtandi (Enzalutamide). Xtandi is currently available AFTER a man has had docetaxel chemotherapy. A key point of discussion will be getting Xtandi on the PBS for men BEFORE docetaxel chemotherapy.


The three hour meeting will happen in Sydney airport on Thursday 22 September 2016.


All travel costs will be met by the company. Generally there is no recompense for your time (though this has happened once in the past).


At past meetings of this kind, we have had to sign non-disclosure documents before the meeting.


If you have had experience of Xtandi you would like to share, or if Xtandi may be part of your future, please reply to this email and give us a few short details (before 12 September 2016), and your Executive Committee will allocate the three seats left to us.

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