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From St. Andrews


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Unfortunately not the one near my birthplace but at the cnr of North and Holburton Streets, Toowoomba.QLd. S.B.D. Back to boarding school type food again. YUK!!


Been here now 5days and hopefully just another 3 to go which is important as I'm part of my sons cheer squad for the Gold Coast Marathon next weekend.


Had radiotherapy for pain management to L3 and Sacrum in Jan/ Feb. which by the way was a waste of time and money as I had to increase my     Fentanyl patch size 50 - 75mchg/hr shortly after.


Since early March I have been plagued with bowel problems, initially with diaohorrea then un formed stool and pain in stomach. Not constantly which was unfortunate as difficult for the Doctor to correctly diagnose. Ultra sounds and CT scans did not pick anything up. Problem put down to radiation colitis!!??

Progressively the pain was getting worse, frequency of movement increasing (7- 10 times in 24hrs), with little or no warning but worse no control. Followed by increasing stench and interrupted kip.


Over last weekend colour of poop started to change. brown to brown/ gray; gray/ brown; then Monday evening a bowel full of pitch. Black Tar with a horrendous stench. Internal Bleeding so into St Andrews PDQ.


In the past 2 weeks I have had another CT Scan, Chest, abdominal and pelvic X-rays; Sigmoidoscopy and a Gastroscopy. Plus Blood tests with more to follow and the usual P & P samples, plus biopsies and photos from the scopies.


All Cancers including the rarer variety have been ruled out along with radiation side-effects which is great, assuming the experts are correct.


Damage to lower Bowel lining very extensive, and friable! therefore possibly some rare type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, especially with so much damage. (trust me to have something not easily detectable)


Not all test results in yet.


Medicos are now checking for possible links to long term use of Zoladex;  and Xgeva. Also if there is a link to Psoriasis.


If pooping starts to return to some form of normality, without the stench and gore I could be out on Tuesday.


Radiation side effects can appear 8 - 10yrs after the event to be warned and ask questions before you commence any form of radiation therapy.


The rain has stopped, the sun is shining, a good day all around even if it is fresh and I'm in the wrong St Andrews.


Good health and Low PSA to one and all.  I due a PSA but we will wait until this little drama is sorted out.


Will not talk Rugby Union or BreExit, but the RL interstate clash was a cracker!!







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Hang in there, Mate - hopefully you'll nail the cause of that 'annoying' bowel distraction soon, and get back to a more normal life!

Best wishes for your son's Gold Coast Marathon (which sounds like self-imposed masochism - perhaps even worse than what you're dealing with!).

Alan B


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