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Paul Edwards

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In today's teleconference the role of exercise in reducing depression was discussed.


Researchers are finding that there are many different ways in which exercise affects our bodies.






Tony Maxwell, one of our Committee Members is working on a Movember initiative, TrueNTH.  TrueNTH has an excellent resource on its website about exercise for men with prostate cancer.  Click on this link to read this information. There are a number of pages on the website about exercise.  They're well worth a read!

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Guest ironic

Thank you for posting this, it was timely today for me, The website is excellent about the excercise. Yesterday i had the 10th infusion of Docetaxel chemotheraphy, along with the Aloxi and Dexamethasone to assist with tolerating issues. The main side effect for me has been lack of sleep for the night and today was to be a day of rest. But after reading about how the excercise helps your blood flow to deliver the medicine throughout your body, well it was  surprising to do so well, and an hour after to be feeling charged.

Overall the main issues with the Chemo, have been fatigue and lack of strength, especially on the week after the treatment, but the following 2 weeks is the window to make gains, example leg extension 6 weeks ago was 25kg today 40 kg.

The Oncoligist at the hospital said that most stop after 6 treatments, Perhaps i have tolerated it because of the gym sessions 4 or 5 times a week over the last 3 years, although still at the beginner level for cardio but advanced for strength now.

ron wilson

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