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Volunteer needed to type Closed Captions (CC) (subtitles) for a YouTube movie


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Volunteer needed to type Closed Captions (CC) (subtitles) for a YouTube movie



I am making a couple of movies at the moment.

One is ready for Closed Captions.


I need someone to view the Youtube video (60 mins) and type out the expert's words.



  • Use any common application to type text - Word, Pages, TextEdit, ...
  • Single line caption approximately 42-52 characters
    • Making sense more important than length
  • Can't make out a word or phrase?

///Three slashes either side of your best guess/// OR

////// (six slashes if you can't guess)

  • Don't run a spellcheck, or accept spelling suggestions from your application. (Your mis-spellings are much more valuable than a real word in the wrong place.)
  • Non-text in square brackets: [sting] or [loud bang]
    • A sting is a short musical phrase, primarily used in broadcasting and films as a form of punctuation.

When playing a video on YouTube, the Spacebar will stop/start play, and the left arrow and right arrow keys will jump back/forward 5 seconds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Subtitles show what is spoken (most often used to translate another language)

Closed Captions are for the hard of hearing, and, beside what is spoken, may tell of sounds, music, etc.

We do it for three reasons:

  • for viewers who are hard of hearing;
  • for viewers who wish to make out particular words (like drug names); and
  • the words in closed captions are used by search engines, so people can find what they want.

How does it turn out?

Play this:

JimJimJimJim Channel video:


Click on the CC symbol at the bottom right of the picture.


This movie

This expert is speaking to PowerPoint slides, so the spelling of most words will be clear.


To volunteer

Just reply to this email.

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