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Geoff Buttfield

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Nice one, Geoff (but what's he got to smile about?).



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Not sure he's smiling, Alan, but, for better or worse, my reply is-

He's still alive and kicking though! (but nevertheless remains somewhat pee'd off about the cavalier attitude of the Veterinary profession to his predicament)

Anyone else got a better one? 

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Another one to make you smile:-----------


Saw my Medical Oncologist Ben Tran just the other day..


Being rather interested in my PSA progression, I had made a log graph of PSA against time and annotated it profusely with relevant interventions etc::


Well...   he perused it diligently and sat back and smiled....


Yep.. he said ....excellent!!


just like I expected..


Engineers always show me a graph..!


Accountants always show me a spreadsheet..!


...and now Electricians ,,,...always annotate  ...everything!!!

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