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Kava and Cancer


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Has any body seen any research  on the effects of drinking Kava and Prostate Cancer.

I drink about 400 mils a night (socially at Kava Bar) I think this plus rabilateral orchidectomy  I had in November 2011 has seemed to have stopped further development of the cancer. Since November 2011 I have had no other medication although every night  I take tamusilin for helping to pee at night,  a statin for cholestral and a blood pressure tablet.

Is this combination helping me to suvive 

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While I have no knowledge of the effects of kava as an anticancer agent, it could be like 'Dr. Red', a product taken orally, but then I feel that Johnny Walker red would suit me better.

Orchidectomy could be the reason that all is keeping fine, so I am pleased to hear that for you.

Best wishes,

Bruce Kynaston.

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