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Taking Abiraterone (Zytiga) with Food

Paul Edwards

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For a while now there have been questions about whether taking abiraterone with food as opposed to without food could be clinically beneficial for patients.


Some studies suggest that:

  • It might be possible to reduce the side effects of abiraterone and prednisone by taking a lower dose of these drugs with food; and
  • It might be possible to increase the benefit of a standard dose of abiraterone by taking the drug with food but there might be a risk of increased side effects in doing this.


Taking abiraterone with food is contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions.  You should not do this without consulting your doctor.


For further reading on the subject from the “New” Prostate Cancer Infolink:


Click here and here

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Medically, is recommended  take Abiraterone acetate after 2 hours on empty stomach, and not eat for minimum of 1 hour after medicating.
Side effects accelerated when taken with food.  ( Have travelled this journey)
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