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Chuck Maack - The Prostate Advocate

Paul Edwards

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I often wonder whether Chuck ever sleeps - I and many others get emails from him at all hours of the day and night.   He spends his days and nights monitoring prostate cancer support lists, medical and scientific websites, updating his website “Observations” webpage, and responding to patient or caregiver concerns.  Chuck is amazingly generous with his time and knowledge.



His website is   www.theprostateadvocate.com



I’d like to share a photo that Chuck has sent.  It shows him in his “command centre” sitting comfortably in his recliner with his all important laptop computer.



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In a single word, Dear Paul, it is known as "Obsession!" :-) 


Yet, on the other hand, how heart warming when I hear from

patients that my counsel has eased their worry and concern.


I really enjoy being a mentor while at the same time occasionally

have a heavy heart when I learn of patients for whom we have 

been through all the possible treatments and medications and

their cancer shows no signs of slowing its aggressiveness.  


Then the best I can do is pray for them....and I do that daily for all with

whom I have come to know as well as all who are dealing with

any type of cancer.  Not surprisingly, prayer often works wonders.


Always as close as the other end of your computer to help address any prostate cancer concerns.

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