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Having Zytiga? Had Zytiga? I have men who want a chat.


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...


I have had a couple of callers (one today) who want to talk to men who are having Zytiga (abiraterone) or who have had Zytiga in the past.


If you can help, please reply to this email, and I will get you connected.



Many of you will had a phone call that started ... 'I am calling on behalf of Jim Marshall ...'.


With committee members assisting with contact calls, we need to keep some simple information so we know who called who, and when.


We will be approaching all members to detail:

  • what we will record;
  • who will be able to see the information; and
  • asking permission to do this.


We will not record any information without your permission, and we will give you a copy of your information upon request.


Look for an email request for this in the near future.

... end Jim

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If you're being treated with Zytiga, or have been in the past, as well as talking to the people who called Jim, it would be great if you would also post about your experience in the forums.  This will mean that the information can be shared by more members who have an interest.  "The best way to find out about the road ahead is to get information from someone who's been there."

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