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UsToo October 2014 Hotsheet now available


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

In the USA, the national prostate cancer support group UsToo publishes a monthly newsletter called the UsToo Prostate Cancer Education & Support HOTSHEET


Below you will find a list of the articles in the current issue, and a link to download the current Hotsheet.

... end Jim



  • Doctors Drive Treatment Choice in Men Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
  • ADT Heads List of Therapies in New Prostate Cancer Guideline
  • Results of the COMET-1 Phase 3 Trial of Cabozantinib in Men with mCRPC
  • Observer Reproducibility in Interpreting PET/CT Examinations in Men with BCR
  • Number of Cores at 1st Biopsy & the Need for Confirmatory Biopsy in Active Surveillance
  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Which Diet Is the Best for You?”
  • A Treatment Option for Advanced Prostate Cancer that Has Spread to the Bones
  • Variation in Treatment Vs. Life Expectancy in Men with Early-Stage Prostate Cancer
  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line
  • FDA Approves New Use of XTANDI® for mCRPC Patients Prior to Chemotherapy


Click on this sentence to download the Hotsheet. (PDF)


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