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A few words, please reply


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I need a few words from members about the value of the group.


I did ask two or three years ago, and got some good responses.


I put some of them on our "What our member say" page on the website.




and I used some of them in publicity articles.


But I have a couple of publicity articles coming up, and I really need some new quotes, because one of these articles is a repeat run for the same magazine.


So, I would be grateful if you could reply to this email with just a short sentence or two on how helpful the group has been to you.





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Hi Almost three years ago when I was diagnosed with metastatic prostrate cancer I had a call from a complete stranger, this fellow talked me through what was going on, I had know idea what was happening, but my condition was explained to the best of his knowledge, I will always be greatfull for his calmness and comforting words to me, That fellow was Jim Marshall, I will always be thankfull to him, and the caring men and ladies on his site,

Trevor Brown

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I have been diagnosed with recurrent prostate cancer and have had to adjust to the realities of my fate. This forum provides the broadest unbiased information that I have been able to study about treatments and other mens experiences. I keep most copies of the emails for future reference as I am sure that I am going to need them, keep up the good work, fantastic. DarrylB

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How time fly's by when you are having fun and the Country of your Birth is going into melt down trying to destroy the UK.

Makes a great difference to your quality and outlook on life when you are a member (3yrs) of this independent support group that has had to fight tooth and nail for recognition by PCFA.

If you have read my story you know when I was diagnosed but for those that have not I was diagnosed with AMPC in July 2008 and given 3yrs to live. In  those days there was little or no support for men with APC let alone AMPC.

Has this improved most certainly via this Great Site and the outstanding work done by Jim Marshall and his Henchmen.

Where would I be without the Forum?

 A very difficult question to answer; except to say that I have met a great bunch of blokes travelling the same journey all willing to share their ups and down which we all experience.

AMPC and APC sufferers are still not yet clearly recognised by the principle NGO and Government because we are classed a "Dead Men Walking".

This Forum provides interesting and note worthy guest speakers; informative clear newsletters; and last but not least and exhaustive/ extensive library on Prostate Cancer. It is also lobbies to have new drugs approved by the Government PBS which should hopefully go along way to help us continue "life's" interesting journey.

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