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      Including why this site is not for newly diagnosed low-risk men trying to select an initial treatment.


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      Early or late, long or short, intermittent or continuous, radiation or not, one or more agents (ADT1, ADT2, ADT3, ...)

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      When primary hormone therapy fails, this may be the next step.

    3. Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer

      CRPC - Testosterone is at castrate level, but the cancer is again advancing.

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      Evidence is found in bones or soft tissue through imaging or pain.

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      Men with very high risk may need more aggressive treatment than most. What indicates very high risk?

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      Drugs and other treatments of the future - under trial or newly approved.

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      Some drugs given for other conditions have anti-cancer effects.
      Some foods have anti-cancer effects.
      Exercise certainly helps
      An anti-prostate cancer cocktail may be in order.

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    • Admin
      Every year in September, the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) holds the largest prostate cancer patient conference in the world in Los Angeles, USA.   The conference, moderated by Dr Mark Moyad, attracts top doctors from around the world to give keynote presentations and separate live Q&A's in breakout sessions. It attracts patients, caregivers and support group leaders and members from around the world.   Details, and this year's program, can be found at: https://pcri.org/2018-conference/#invitation   Last year I did a couple of YouTube videos about the benefits of attending, and how to get the most out of your conference: 6 Reasons to go to a PCRI Prostate Cancer Conference     Get the most from PCRI annual conference       Each year, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), with which we are affiliated, sends a small official delegation. PCFA, is once again sending an official delegation (Jim Marshall and Tony Maxwell).    Each year several members attend at their own expense. Last year there were six people in the Aussie contingent. Costs this year are USD $132 per night at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott hotel. After the conference there is an optional Warner Brothers Studio tour for USD $60. And, of course, your airfares, etc.   PCRI director, Alex Scholz, has offered to give free registration (USD $120) and access to VIP and Exhibitors events to members of the official delegation.   So, if you are going to go to the conference at your own expense, and would like to be part of the official  delegation, reply to this email and let me know, and I will arrange your complementary registration.  
    • Barree
      A reminder to men and their partners in Victoria about our second meeting for this year.   It is great to put faces to names at our local catch-up meetings and have a chat with other members about the latest treatments.   The RSL would like us to provide an indication of numbers so If you can make it please email barryeld@gmail.com or secretary@jimjimjimjim.com or call Barry on 0400662114    We will meet in the coffee lounge in the foyer from 11.30 am onward and move into the Bistro for a leisurely lunch a little after 12.00 noon. Hope to see you there. Cheers, Alan & Barry
    • Nev Black
      It is great to put faces to names at our local catch-up meetings.

      This is a reminder to men and their partners in SE Queensland or Northern NSW. Members from anywhere in world visiting the area are welcome to attend. 

      Saturday 21 July 2018
      at the Greenbank RSL.

      For numbers: RSVP  secretary@jimjimjimjim.com  or  surferscentury@hotmail.com 

      Greenbank RSL is at Hillcrest, near Browns Plains.

      We will meet in the Gardens Cafe from 11.00am.

      Lunch will be in Gardens Cafe after 12 noon at our leisure.

      How to get to the Greenbank RSL

      The address is:

      54 Anzac Ave  Hillcrest QLD 4118

      Phone (07) 3800 7746

      Many ways to get there. This is the simplest to describe.

      1.    Come along the Logan Motorway.

      2.    Take the Browns Plains exit on to the Mount Lindsay Highway (Beaudesert Road)

      3.    Take the Boronia Heights exit towards Middle Road. 

      4.    Travel along Middle Road until the first roundabout.

      5.    Take the 4th exit so you are coming back along Middle Road.

      6.    At you approach the highway again, veer left to travel along Anzac Avenue.

      7.    RSL is 54 Anzac Avenue on your left, car park on your right.


      If you are coming from the South along Mount Lindsay Highway (Beaudesert Road)

      3.    Take exit Middle Road towards Boronia Heights

      So, in short:

      •    Logan Motorway

      •    Browns Plains exit (There will be some roadworks)

      •    Boronia Heights exit

      •    Middle Road

      •    Back along Middle road to 54 Anzac Avenue.

      Call Nev on 0419 673 096 if you get lost.  
    • Popeye
      Jim/Geoff: Thank you for the replies. I realise treatment is a bit of a raffle and different results are scattered about for every individual to pick up the pieces and move on. Given the fact that I was contemplating no treatment at all I have now accepted the offered plan by my urologist to at least give firmagon a go and see where it leads me, I can always chuck it in the bin if it drives me mad or PSA rises again in a short time. I think the two years guarantee was based on an average weight of results and I understand the odds. I still figure its the way to go for me as a personal trial and a bit like tossing a coin. Lets see what the next two years may bring. Thank you both once again. Lee
    • alanbarlee
      It's in the diary, Barry! Alan
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