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    • Patrick Turner
      The problem with Lu177 is that a patient may initially have PsMa-Ga68 scans which show Lu177 should work well, but then there is mild reduction of Psa and a Pca progression. The docs at Theranostics Australia said that if my Psa bounced back up early after going down that Brca2 test should be done and PARP inhibitors used. But for me, it looks like I got a good response with Lu177, see my Psa graph at http://www.turneraudio.com.au/Patrick-other-concerns.html I bet I am Brca2 positive because my father's mother died of Oa, my father died of melanoma, a sister died of Oa, and other sister got Brca but is alive and well at 75, 10 years later.  I watched a friend die earlier this year from mutant forms of Pca that sprang up in his liver, even though previous chemo had removed kidney lesions. He had very poor short response to RP, salvation RT, ADT, and Cosadex added to ADT boosted Psa from 7 to 40. He lasted less than 3 years after diagnosis at 57. I was told that taking Enzalutamide during and after Lu177 would make Lu177 more effective, so I am still taking Enzalutamide after beginning it right after No 3 shot of Lu177. Docs said previous chemo (which failed ) would have re-sensitized my Pca to drugs such as Abiraterone or Enzalutamide where they had failed before chemo. I cannot be sure what is working now, but my Psa graph indicates a good result. Nobody has said I have mutant Pca, so all I can say is that I'm lucky. Patrick Turner.  
    • Patrick Turner
      I have never known there was a mobile telephone app that could measure Psa, but I have never needed to use a mobile phone. I began to insist that I have Psa test included in my yearly check up for GP since age 52, approx.  It would have been impossible for me or my GP to have not noticed a large rise of Psa. But at 62 in 2009 I had a Psa of 5, and a biopsy in 2009 showed a Gleason 9, and it was inoperable in 2010. So I was diagnosed much too late to have a successful RP. My Psa graph can be seen at   http://www.turneraudio.com.au/Patrick-other-concerns.html I cannot imagine how I would have fared if my Psa was 4,500 at any time. At the moment I have zero symptoms of Pca, Psa = 0.32, and that was only possible after 4 x Lu177 shots. Before Lu177, Psa was 25, countless mets, some in bones were peas sized. I now have Pcs producing 1.3% of Psa before Lu177, not a bad result, but it does not mean it won't rise again. I do get a dry mouth sometimes. I did recently have an adhesion of small intestine to 2010 surgery scar tissue that gave me a real bad gastric blockage needing an op to cut the adhesions. But it looks like I'll fully recover, and can return to cycling 200km a week like I have been doing since 2007.  Sure I have Pca, but my QOL has been mostly very good during last 10 years. I think you need a lot of luck plus the best doctors you can afford. All the best for Xmas. Patrick Turner.   
    • Patrick Turner
      Hi Dave, let us hope your good luck with minimum Pca treatment continues. Keep a close eye on any sudden rise of your Psa.  The pics on bike indicate a smoky Glasshouse mountain ride?   On 13 Nov, my Psa had dropped to 0.32, indicating Pca activity was 1.3% of what it was before I began Lu177 treatment just over 12 months ago when Psa was 25. The scans have confirmed I have had a good result with Lu177. I'm continuing with permanent ADT, plus enzalutamide. But nearly 3 weeks ago, I had a small intestine blockage that led to The Worst 11 Days in hospital I've ever had, and included to another tummy op where they found part of small intestine had become stuck to previous 2010 surgery scar tissue when an RP was attempted, but failed. Docs looked around my innards and found no sign of any tumours, and no sign of any damage from the RT I have had. I've now survived 10 years since diagnosis. But before hospital visit, I was cycling very well, speed was good, fitness was brilliant, but after 11 days in hospital with non functioning digestive tract  I lost 7Kg. It is now a week after leaving hospital and I am eating almost normally, but weight has not yet risen. It has not fallen much either. I might recover fully soon, and if so, I should be able to ride faster because my body volume is 7Litres less, so less wind resistance, and speed up hills should be maybe 5% faster because I'm lighter. BMI is now an unintended 22.0. Today, I met a man of 45 giving blood at my local pathology clinic, and he'd had horrid year after falling off his farm motorbike. A handlebar broke a rib, pushed it inwards, where it lacerated his heart, causing two successive heart attacks. So wearing a flak jacket might be a good idea on a motorcycle. His other problem was after there was some rain at Captain's Flat, (70km east of ACT), and he'd drunk some, without boiling it. He got badly poisoned, not knowing why. Let us hope it rains soon. But BOM says rain is not expected till April, and there's still a lot more bush to burn than already has burned. Many have far worse problems than you or me. Patrick Turner.  
    • ALF
      Greg, thanks for your sincere kind words.
    • DaveK1200
      Hi everyone,   Just received my latest December 2019 PSA results. Good news...  down slightly to 9.6   Here are my last 4 results... March 2019:                       14 June 2019:                          13 September 2019:               10 December 2019:                  9.6 I have never had chemo or radiotherapy. My only conventional treatment was two months of ADT (Zoladex) at the start of 2017. Since then I’ve only been taking my unproven alternatives.   Still feeling great and enjoying life. Went for a 5am group ride on Sunday and had a ball. (still shots from my helmet cam attached).   I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   Kind regards   Dave  
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