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      Including why this site is not for newly diagnosed low-risk men trying to select an initial treatment.


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      Early or late, long or short, intermittent or continuous, radiation or not, one or more agents (ADT1, ADT2, ADT3, ...)

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      When primary hormone therapy fails, this may be the next step.

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      CRPC - Testosterone is at castrate level, but the cancer is again advancing.

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      Evidence is found in bones or soft tissue through imaging or pain.

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      Men with very high risk may need more aggressive treatment than most. What indicates very high risk?

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      Drugs and other treatments of the future - under trial or newly approved.

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      Some drugs given for other conditions have anti-cancer effects.
      Some foods have anti-cancer effects.
      Exercise certainly helps
      An anti-prostate cancer cocktail may be in order.

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      What should I ask my doctor about on the next visit?

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    • HighCadence
      Thank you Patrick - that’s all very helpful. I tried enza a few years ago but had to stop it fairly quickly as it turned me into a walking zombie. Might be worth another shot depending on what dose they suggest. I’ll raise it with my doctors. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start to offer that here as there were some changes for cycle three led by the Australian side of the operation. Glad you had such a good response are still cycling - I hope to follow in your footsteps! Thanks again. 
    • Patrick Turner
      Hi HighCadence, Gee, sound like you have been through tough times especially with the spinal surgery. I had failed chemo about this time last year, so booked in for Lu177. We have Genesis Care here in Australia who operates to do administration work for doctors administering Lu177 from their company Theranostics Australia. I began Lu177 last Nov, completed 4 shots by last May, and Psa was 25 at start, countless mets in soft tissues and bones. Psa went flat until just before No 3 shot, then began falling. After No 3, it fell more, then I started Xtandi because doc said that would supercharge effect of No 4 shot, and help a lot with Pca cell death, so had No 4 shot and now Psa is 0.4. And I am able to cycle 50km at a good speed at age 72. I have fought this Pca since 2009, Dx with Gleason 9, inoperable, Psa low at only 6. There's a trial in Sydney with Lu177+Xtandi because research doc thinks its certain to show benefit of the two used together.  You have two more shots of Lu177 in normal 4 shot treatment course, and if I were you I'd ask for Xtandi if you are not already taking it, unless this option has already been ruled out for some reason. I've had no side effects from Xtandi. Some dry mouth from Lu177 but not all the time.   You have your youthful age as your benefit and I am much older but many older than me have got big extension to their lifetime and QOL with Lu177.  Genesis Care have been very good, and there were no delays to schedule except for 1 week before 3rd shot when Australian atomic reactor making nuclides for medical use had a problem last Easter so GC re-ordered Lu177 from Germany. There was no extra cost. Now all my medic team waits to see what happens.....   Good luck with everything.  Patrick Turner. 
    • Admin
      7:00PM AEST – Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania 6:30PM ACST – South Australia, Northern Territory 5:00PM AWST – Western Australia Ask the Experts: Mental Well-being and Good Health After Prostate Cancer We are long-time affiliates and partners with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), the peak Australian prostate cancer body. The experts this Wednesday night include: Professor Suzanne Chambers AO Professor Suzanne Chambers AO is a health psychologist and registered nurse with 30 years of experience in psychological support for people with cancer. She is a behavioural science researcher specialising in the fields of psycho-oncology and cancer survivorship. Professor Lisa Horvath Professor Lisa Horvath is the Director of the Department of Medical Oncology at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. She also leads a research group at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research that studies chemotherapy resistance in prostate cancer and is an investigator in prostate cancer clinical trials. Judy Jeffery Judy Jeffery is a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse at St George Public Hospital bringing 30 years of oncology experience across many types of treatment. Her role includes providing care and support to men on all treatment types for prostate cancer with a main interest in those with advanced prostate cancer. Judy has a Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing, Certificate in Palliative Care and Prostate Nursing Care, and an Advanced Diploma of Government – Leadership (CEC). The Hon Jim Lloyd The Hon Jim Lloyd was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2002, having initially seen a GP for travel inoculations. He received surgery in February 2003, and in 2010 underwent successful salvage radiation due to a rising PSA level. 16 years on since his initial cancer diagnosis Jim’s regular PSA tests show no PSA levels, he has 5 grandchildren and uses his experience to educate men about the importance of prostate cancer detection.   You can join in on computer, phone or tablet, but you must register to get the details. Register  and more details here: https://pcfa.org.au/asktheexperts
    • Admin
      Celebrate milestones! is the advice. But I forget when the time comes up. Better late than never! June 23 was 10 years since diagnosis for me. (Never expected I would ever say that!) My Gleason score in advanced prostate cancer YouTube video clocked 50,000 views a week or so ago. David's story - 7 years with metastatic prostate cancer video clocked 40,000 views a little before that. And Alicia Morgans series about prostate cancer in the bones clocked 28,122 views last time I checked. Those videos, in case you haven't seen them: Click the picture to play.   Gleason score in advanced prostate cancer   David's story - 7 years with metastatic prostate cancer   One of the Alicia Morgans series on prostate cancer in the bones   Jim
    • HighCadence
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