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Support Group for Young Victorian men with PCa

Paul Edwards

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It is distressing to receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer but even more so if you are in your 40s or early 50s when diagnosed.


A Younger Prostate Cancer Support Group for Victorian men has been established with the first meeting commencing 29 July 2014.


Around 730 Victorian men under the age of 60 years are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, with some feeling disconnected at times from older support group members due to the variations in experiences and life stages.


A collaborative working group, including younger men diagnosed with PCa, a continence nurse, Cancer Council  Victoria and Andrology Australia, have come together to develop a specialist group to meet this identified need. This new support group is being established for younger people impacted by prostate cancer to connect and access information.


TIME:                                    Last Tuesday of the Month (commencing  29 July 2014) 8:30am to 9:30am

WHERE:                               Princes (Visy) Park – Royal Parade, Carlton, Mike Fitzpatrick  Room

WHAT:                                 Robert Flower (Melbourne Football great) presenting on “Challenges of Prostate Cancer for a young man – personal experience” 

WHO:                                   For men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer at a younger stage of life, their partners, carers, family and friends.

CONTACT:                           Sam Gebert  03 9444 0039 or sgeb@live.com.au


Some men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer at a younger age will have advanced cancer when diagnosed. One of our Victorian members has been involved in establishing this new Support Group. 


We look forward to working with this new Group to assist any younger men who have advanced prostate cancer.

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