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Cancer detection Dogs


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For those that are not aware, I publish a personal blog from time to time but have deliberately not promoted it among our members here. Just this evening I have posted an article on a topic that I thought may be of interest to members in a general sense, so I thought I might submit it here minus graphics and other fancy stuff. I apologise for the length of said article but I feel it will be sufficiently interesting for some members others who may be offended can just ignore it.







Cancer detection dog 2.rtf

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G'day Lee,


Great post!


I'm left wondering whether bone or lymph  node PCa mets in  an RP patient could be detected by the trained canine device? (I suspect not, since there doesn't seem to be a pathway from these sites to either urine urine or breath - unless via 'homeopathic' dilutions in the lymphatic fluid overflow  passing to the urine?).





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