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Encore: Advanced prostate cancer kit is being mailed to you, so don't ask PCFA for a copy


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

I thank Paul for earlier tonight posting news of the new Advanced Prostate Cancer Kit. Both Tony Maxwell and I made a small contribution to the kit itself, but you will see in the credits that we were dwarfed by a large number of true experts.


It would be best if you did NOT contact the PCFA for a copy of the Advanced Prostate Cancer kit, because the PCFA forwarded the first 150 copies to me hot off the press to distribute to members.


You will receive the kit in the post as a regular parcel in the next week or so. (Things are slower with Secretary Nev roaming all around the country on a well deserved break.)


I have 6 more express post envelopes. If you wish the pack sooner, reply to this email and I'll send it out today and you'll get it on Monday.

... end Jim


Paul's posting:



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